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Local Apple-Authorized Sales & Repairs 


Capitol Macintosh is a locally-operated (& female owned) Apple-authorized service provider and reseller located in the Eastside neighborhood of Lansing, directly between MSU campus and downtown.  Since 2006, we have been taking care of our community by providing Apple repairs and service for any PC, Apple or Mac device, in or out of warranty.   


With our on-site Apple-certified technicians, we pride ourselves on providing quick turn around for repairs (usually  1-3 business days), while doing our best to work within  your budget to get your device issue resolved.  

If you are looking to upgrade, we also sell pre-owned PCs, Apple MacBooks, and iMacs that we offer at an affordable rate. 


Stop by, or give us a call for any of your needs today!



Our Team 


Amara Clevenger, Owner

Amara is a Michigan-native and an MSU graduate. She moved to Lansing for school, but loved the Eastside neighborhood so much, she bought a house here & stayed. After graduating, she started working at Apple while figuring out what to do next. It turns out the path she had started was the right one for her. After nearly 5 years at Apple, she transferred to Capitol Macintosh to focus more on customers & repairs. Eventually, when the shop went up for sale, she decided to purchase it. Amara says she is happy to continue providing the Lansing community with a local Eastside option for sales & repairs. 


Alex Chelf, Manager

Alex is a Lansing-area-native and an Eastside staple who has been with Capitol Macintosh since 2020. He got his crash course in Apple-certified service with the pandemic hitting Lansing merely months after he started. He brought his knowledge of Apple devices and software troubleshooting to a community that needed it most when the Apple stores closed. He now manages the shop and runs the daily operations of Capitol Macintosh, making service much more timely & easily-attainable for the Lansing-area community. 


Viviano Soliz, Service Manager

Viviano is a Michigan native & Eastside local who has been with Capitol Macintosh since 2018. When asked about what brought him to repairing computers, he said, "Well, I've always taken things apart, I figured it was about time that I should start putting them back together." And that's what's he's been doing since. Starting with repairing MacBooks, he's now ventured out into repairing PCs & video game consoles as well. If you have questions about if something can be fixed or not, come talk to Viv, and find out for sure. 

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